COVID-19 REsponse

I am thankful to announce that on Sunday, May 24th , we will be having service at our normal time of 10 am. There are a few things you should know about that service, but before we get into those details let me share this: Right now there are a wide range of thoughts and emotions on the current situation and the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are ready to return to normal immediately while others desire to use caution in the face of the unknown. My request as your pastor is that we have grace and compassion for one another no matter what side of the issue you or your fellow church member may fall on. So, be full of love and understanding towards your fellow church members and community members especially when it comes to how they respond to our current situation.

In light of that, I know many of you feel uncomfortable returning on the 24th. Please know that we as a church support you in your decision to stay away for a little bit longer. We will continue to record the sermon and post it on YouTube so that you can still be part of worship in that way.

For those of you who feel comfortable in returning on the 24th, there are a few changes you may notice. First, we are still asking that you practice good social distancing. This means keeping 6 feet, or three chairs, between your household and the next household. Also, you will notice that every other row will be blocked off to keep that six foot distance as well. When entering the Family Life Center, be mindful of others as you come in so as to maintain good social distancing. We are also asking that you wait to be dismissed at the end of the service. In addition, I know it is going to be tempting to hug, handshake, or fist bump, but for the comfort of everyone please try and refrain.  Finally, we would encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer as that will not be provided at this time.

The reality is that this Sunday is going to look and feel a little different. However, the purpose for us gathering has not changed. That purpose is to gather as a church family to worship our Savior and place our attention on His word and how it changes how we are to live our lives.

I look forward to seeing some of you Sunday. Know that we are praying for all of you. God bless and have a great week.

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Online Resources

Below is a list of online resources that can be used to continue to enhance your

overall worship experience while we are displaced from the Family Life Center.

Please contact the Church office if you have any questions or have a need.


  • Lifeway is providing access to their online resources for the Gospel Project.  Please contact the Church Office in order to be added to the list for access.
  • The New City Catechism - On online resource aimed at helping children and adults learn core doctrines of the Christian Faith - Visit their website by clicking HERE



  • You may already have your favorite go-to place online to listen to praise and worship music but here are few to explore.  YOUTUBE          PANDORA          GETTY MUSIC
  • You can always use a hymnal and sing your favorites